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Wireless Internet Going to be Introduced in Lima

Verizon will roll out its latest home internet service to the Lima area in Peru, South America. The speedy internet service will download data and information with a swift speed of 25 to 50 mb per second, and the working of the service will be made possible through the 4G LTE network.

The LTE Home Internet is being sold for $40 for the monthly experience. For the Verizon Wireless services, customers have to spend $40 every month, and for the non-Verizon Wireless customers, the price of the internet service has been set at $60 per month.

Wireless Internet Going to be Introduced in LimaThe company has set the correct and appropriate prices for the respective internet service according to what the customer desires. The company is also offering a gift card worth $100 under specific terms and conditions for the people who register for the services and whenever any payment is made regarding the same.The service can also be upgraded to 5G Home in the future when it will be made available to the public. Verizon is considered to be America’s most reliable network connection with great internet.

It has a hassle-free installation process. There are no hidden charges, disruption, annual contracts, or data caps. It is known to provide amazing internet 24/7, and an easy self-set-up can also be done.Besides providing internet connections at home, Verizon also provides home security cameras to live on TV devices. Other home accessories offered are speakers, headphones, hand cameras, and other exciting gadgets.

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