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US Vehicle Safety Watchdog Investigating Tesla Crash

The US federal motor car inspector has sent investigators to look into another another Tesla Crash collision, this one involving two fatalities along Interstate 75 in Florida last week. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Friday that a Special Crash Investigations team was dispatched to investigate the deadly collision that occurred on Wednesday at a rest area near Gainesville when a 2015 model year collided with the rear of a semi-trailer.

If the Tesla was utilising the company’s partially autonomous driving system, the government wouldn’t say. About two o’clock on Wednesday, the automobile was going on Interstate 75 when it crashed into a rest area for no apparent reason. Then it continued into the parking area where it collided with a parked Freightliner tractor-trailer from Walmart.

US Vehicle Safety Watchdog Investigating Tesla CrashThree people were hurt when a Red Air jet caught fire last month as it was landing at Miami International Airport. According to a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane’s landing gear also caught fire during the landing. Additionally, the organisation stated in papers that it is looking into a deadly pedestrian accident that happened in California earlier in July and included a Tesla Model 3. It also dispatched a team to California to look into a June accident involving a Cruise autonomous car that resulted in a minor injury.

Additionally, Tesla on Autopilot colliding with parked emergency vehicles is being looked at by NHTSA. The organisation is investigating into Tesla on Autopilot braking for no apparent cause in a separate investigation. The Associated Press was informed last week by the newly appointed NHTSA Administrator Steven Cliff that the organisation is stepping up its efforts to comprehend the dangers posed by automated vehicle technology in order to determine what regulations may be required to safeguard motorists, passengers, and pedestrians.

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