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U.S President Skeptical about the Synthetic Origin of COVID, Calls for Enquiry

The U.S. president Joe Biden has ordered the U.S. intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of the virus. The administration of the is skeptical about the virus and doubts that the deadly virus was leaked from a lab. It also doubts that after the leak, it was transferred from animals to humans.

According to Mr. Biden, the U.S. intelligence agencies and the C.I.A. have not reached a conclusion on the origin of the virus. A period of 90 days is given for the investigation agencies to report back to the president. Mr. Biden has ordered a more rigorous inquiry on how the virus spread to humans. The claims done by the U.S. were criticized by the World Health Organization, dismissing the claims that the virus has been accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese laboratory.

U.S President Skeptical about the Synthetic Origin of COVID, Calls for EnquiryThere are many uncertainties on how the virus has spread so fast across the globe in such a short time. Many scientists believe that virus is spread from the natural spillover of animals to humans. There is much evidence collected by the U.S. intelligence agencies, but the information gathered is not yet proved and cannot strengthen their claims about the Wuhan lab leak.In December 2019, Wuhan, the Chinese city, had become the epicenter of the outbreak.

There has been a debate on a scientific and political level on how the virus became a global threat that infected millions of humans and took millions of lives. The debate is simmering since the outbreak in December 2019. However, many scientists across the globe have claimed that the virus has been spread from an infected animal.

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