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This image of Mars could reveal the status of atmosphere

Images taken by NASA’s James Webb Telescope could determine the atmosphere at Mars. Early photographs of Mars, acquired by NASA in beginning of September, have been released, promising fresh perspectives on the planet’s atmosphere. A few unexpected things are already emerging from the near-infrared camera’s data.

NASA claims that Hellas Basin which is an enormous and oddly darker than the closer regions in the midst of hottest point of the day because of the suppressed thermal power emissions due to the high pressure of air in the lower altitude of the Hellas Basin.

This image of Mars could reveal the status of atmosphereUsing the telescope’s array of exposure, the pictures taken from the James Webb Telescopic also provided, the space agencies with, a chance to share the near-infrared atmosphere combinations of Mars. The spectroscopic “map” shows the abundance of water and carbon monoxide as well as how the planet absorbs carbon dioxide at various wavelengths.

It is actually a bit difficult for James Webb Telescope to get the images of the planet Mars as it is one of the brightest and shiniest objects that the telescope could observe. The NASA scientists retorted this by using special tricks and techniques and also by getting short exposure shots. However, these pictures are only the initial stage of evidences and data. The scientists will take much more time to get much accurate theories regarding these huge observations about Mars. Although this research already gives enough hints about the atmosphere conditions on Mars.

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