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The US Issues a New Warning for Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

The US Food and Drug Administration is adding up a new warning to the Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 Vaccine because of a linkage to a rare nerve condition caused by it.The federal oversight agency had issued a statement on Monday saying that it had received the primary reports of 100 people who had developed the Guillain-Barré syndrome after receiving a single dose of the Vaccine.

According to the FDA, Guillain-Barré syndrome arises when the immune system damages the nerve cells, which causes weakness in the muscles and occasional paralysis in different parts of the body. Between 3,000 and 6,000 people are reported to get diagnosed each year with a similar condition in the United States.

The US Issues a New Warning for Johnson & Johnson VaccineThe FDA said that out of the 100 Vaccine recipients, people who had developed the Guillain-Barré syndrome, they have reported one death and 95 of them were hospitalized. Most of the cases were reported in men aged 50 years old and older than that and are generally reported two weeks after being vaccinated.

Another problem occurred earlier this year when millions of doses were abandoned when a Baltimore-based manufacturing plant was mixed with the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine and the ingredients from the Covid-19 Vaccine that AstraZeneca develops.The latest tally report from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center shows that a total of 187.3 million Covid-19 infections have been recorded all around the world, including over 4 million deaths. The US leads in both these categories with 33.8 million total cases and over 607,442 deaths.

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