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The U.S. Likely to Kickstart Fresh Probe into COVID Emergence

The Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Beccera addressed the public, emphasizing the need for a transparent follow-up probe into the origins of coronavirus concerning tracking the exact source.  Beccera was a part of an annual ministerial meeting associated with the World Health Organization. Talking about this Beccera said that more engagement is necessary by health officials to understand the nature of the pandemic. Beccera also noted that understanding the origin and source point of the virus is crucial to develop preparedness against future biological threats.

The U.S. Likely to Kickstart Fresh Probe into COVID EmergenceBeccera also stressed the need to incorporate transparent and science-based terms of reference, aiding the new phase of the investigation.He also gave international experts complete independence throughout the investigation to assess the source of the novel virus along with the early phases of the outbreak.

Controversies about the virus’s origin surfaced when U.S. intelligence reported about the virus attack on U.S. lab professionals in Wuhan lab.The Emergence of circumstantial evidence leading to a hypothetical scenario indicating the possible escape of the virus from a lab in Wuhan is boosting the necessity for further investigation.

However, the evidence holding less conclusive value instigates deeper investigation with higher accuracy. Speculations have surrounded the novel coronavirus ever since its Emergence doubting the source of origin from a lab or animal contraction. Initial investigations by WHO and China during the first phase of the pandemic suggested bats to be the virus carriers into humans.

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