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The U.S. Air Force Provides 2026 Forecast of Force Fields

Directed energy fictions realistically consist of a wide range of weapons that utilize the electromagnetic spectrum. As a part of science fiction, Death Star’s Superlaser or Optimus Prime’s Ion Blaster are two magnificent directed energy weapons.However, in reality, many militaries have already incorporated the existing directed energy weapons to strengthen their arsenal.However, the directed energy weapons in the real world are in stark contrast with the technologies in science fiction.

Realizing the potential growth that directed energy weapons could reach, the United States is striving not to fall behind the race as it did in the case of hypersonic weapons.The U.S Air Force recently gathered a panel consisting of experts to evaluate the future of these weapons. The panel put forth a 2026 forecast along with their final report published in July.

The U.S. Air Force Provides 2026 Forecast of Force FieldsThis report primarily targets the future predictions of directed energy weapons understanding their potential. It includes space-based weaponry as well as Force fields. The report examines the past, present, and future of three major types of directed energy weapons.These include laser systems, high-power electromagnetic weapons, and lastly, particle beams. The first class of laser systems weapons allows military personnel to measure distance and track their enemy targets.

High-power electromagnetic weapons utilize radio waves or microwaves to destroy electronics. For instance, counter-IED jammers are popularly used to block cell phone signals. Particle beams similar to their former class of weapons propose an added advantage with particles as they are more destructive than electromagnetic waves.

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