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The Most Useless iPhone Feature

A recent video from Max Weinbach of Everything ApplePro explained what can be expected from the upcoming iPhone 13 since the containers are being stoked. And one of those latest features is a larger wireless charging loop which, according to Weinbach, could either see a better heat indulgence or can even take up higher power in charging.Reverse charging is when a smartphone can be used as a wireless charger for other gadgets.

The Most Useless iPhone FeaturePeople will be using their smartphones as a power bank in an unproductive way due to the losses associated with wireless charging.Many people were expecting that reverse charging would be on 12, which Apple had made to the FCC that stated about the feature. The filing did go on, somewhat mysteriously.The only device that iPhone can charge is an external potential Apple gadget that would be coming in the future.

The case of AirPods Pro contains a 519mAh battery, which has a little more than five times the capacity of the battery of the iPhone 12. Unfortunately, it seems that it takes up a lot of technology to build into an iPhone to do that when a cable would have worked just as well.

That is a lot of technology that Apple needs to put up in an iPhone, but it is also somewhat unstylish.Apple is the company that has bought up a wireless mouse with a charging port on the underside, so this is also another innovation done by them.

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