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The Latest Planet Discovered Showing Signs of Water Clouds

Scientists have Discovered a new exoplanet which is claimed to be located 90 light-years away from the Earth with a fascinating atmosphere, one that could be known to contain water clouds.Planets stationed beyond our solar system are called exoplanetsThis exoplanet is called TOI-1231 b and completes a full orbit around its star every 24 Earth days.

It orbits a red or M-type, overshadowed star, known as NLTT 24399, that is smaller and dimmer than the stars like our sun.The discovery of the planet was explained in a new study that will be published in a future issue of The Astronomical Journal.

The Latest Planet Discovered Showing Signs of Water CloudsThe researchers found that they were able to control the planet’s radius as well as its mass, which helped them to calculate its density and deduce its configuration.The exoplanet has claimed to be having a low density, which suggests that it is a smoky planet rather than a rocky one like Earth. However, the scientists do not know for certain about the composition of the planet or its atmosphere as yet.

The researchers believe that TOI-1231 b exoplanet has a regular temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit , 60 degrees Celsius, alternatively , which makes it one of the coldest of the small exoplanets existing for the future study of its atmosphere.This has also been researched that the cooler the exoplanet is, the more expected it is to be having clouds in its atmosphere.A similar small exoplanet called K2-18 b was Discovered in 2015 and was later observed in more detail, and researchers found evidence of water existing in its atmosphere.

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