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The flaw in BlackBerry software might affect medical devices and cars

The U.S. drugs regulator and a federal agency on Tuesday August 17, 2021, said that a flaw in BlackBerry software designed for cybersecurity purposes have chances of putting medical devices and cars which use it in risk and may disclose extremely sensitive systems to attackers.

The cautionary came once the Canadian company revealed that it’s QNX Real Time Operating System has a susceptibility that might enable an attacker to perform a random code or deluge a server with traffic till it gets paralyzed or completely crashed.

The flaw in BlackBerry software might affect medical devices and carsThe vsoftware is engineered to be used by the automakers including Ford Motor (F.N), BMW (BMWG.DE) and Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) in several vital operations including Radical Driver Assistance System.BlackBerry said that the issue does not affect the present or latest versions of the QNX RTOS, but the versions released before 2012 and earlier. The statement further revealed that at present, no customers have signified any kinds of impact.The U.S. CISA said that the software is used in a broad variety of products and its negotiation might result in a nasty player gaining control of extremely sensitive systems, raising the threat to country’s important functions.

The central organization that comes under the Department of Homeland Security and the BlackBerry firm said that they were definitely not conscious of any situation of active mistreatment of the flaw.The U.S. FDA said that it was completely unaware of any adversarial events even as healthcare devices producers evaluate which systems might be impacted.BlackBerry said that it had sent a warning to probable customers that have been impacted and has filed complaints to resolve the issue.

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