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The Annual Perseids Shower Lasts More than a Month

For northern skywatchers, the year’s major meteor Shower has begun. The Perseids meteor Shower occurs every year and lasts for more than five weeks, from July 17 through August 24, but it peaks on the nights of August 12 and 13.

The Annual Perseids Shower Lasts More than a MonthThis dependable meteor Shower can peak at rates of 60 to 100 visible meteors per hour in ideal viewing circumstances. However, this year’s full moon will obliterate most of the smaller meteors. The actual Perseids are dust particles that were formerly a member of the comet Swift-tail, Tuttle’s which completes one sun-synchronous orbit every 133 years. They now burn up well above the surface of our planet when they strike the atmosphere of Earth at a speed of roughly 130,000 mph.

The map depicts the scene as seen from London at midnight on August 12, when it turns August 13. The radiant point will release meteors in all directions. When getting comfortable to see a meteor, a reclining garden chair might be helpful. You should also bring a warm coat. Unfortunately, the farther south you are, the harder it is to observe the Shower. For instance, you would be lucky to see anything from Sydney, Australia.

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