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Studies Say Wildfire Smoke Could Impact Rainfall

According to a new study carried out in the United States, the smoke that is released from the smoke of the Wildfire can impact the rains. The smoke impact on the cloud may drop less rain.  The research on the smoke released from the Wildfire comes as the western parts of the United States are experiencing severe drought conditions leading to Wildfire.

The team of scientists studied the skies of the western U.S. states and examined its impact on the clouds. To carry out a study on the clouds, they flew a C-130 research airplane equipped with the necessary equipment to measure the gas and the particles in it impacting the clouds.

Studies Say Wildfire Smoke Could Impact RainfallApart from California, other U.S. states, including Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, also experienced Wildfire activities in recent years. Cynthia Twohy an atmospheric scientist, led the study carried out at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography with other research associates.

Twohy said the research on the impact of smoke on clouds is very important, and if at all there is a link between the two, it could allow the two to further undertake crucial studies related to the clouds and smoke. She said the research would allow further study of its long-term impacts and the role of smoke in rainfall. The study has found that the smoke caused by Wildfire contains small particles that affect the droplets that are formed in the clouds. The main impact of the cloud was on the number of water droplets. The study showed that the smoky clouds contain a smaller size of water droplets than the normal non-smoky clouds.

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