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Spotlight on Small Business The Dugout Diner

The Dugout Diner is a tiny spot in Owensboro and has been offering great meals at an even better price rate to the citizens of Owensboro for a year now. This local restaurant serves fresh meals to the residents of Owensboro During the peak of the pandemic, this small local business stepped out and delivered an excess of 40,000 free packets of meals to the local senior citizens who were staying in their homes in the city.

Brittany Tyler, co-owner of the Dugout Diner, said that they used to hand-pat the burgers, which was their primary focus, and used only real ground beef. Tyler and company have given away around 700 meals in a day to any local senior citizen who came to ask for one of the meals.

Spotlight on Small Business The Dugout DinerThe customers are constantly coming back to the restaurant for the sheer quality of the food. Also, most of the customers are the senior population who have lived in the town for a lifetime. Therefore, their love for local food at a local restaurant is immense.Tyler further explained that they thought everyone was getting help from NGOs or the Government except the senior residents, so they wanted to do something in order to help the aged population.

In addition to all of this, the restaurant does not have anything over the price of $6.99 on their menu. The food and the entire cooking process feel like home to the friendly staff. Everyone that has ever been to this restaurant in the time period of the past two years is considered to be a family. The customers also spoke highly of the restaurant.

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