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Spirit Airlines Talks with JetBlue on its $3.6 Billion Bid

Florida-based Spirit Airlines is working on communicating with the Seventh largest airline in North America on its $3.6-billion offer. American low-cost airline, JetBlue Airways said on thursday that they could lead toa superior proposal from a leading company. The Seventh largest Airline in North America has offered $33 per share this week.

This was beating more than the $25 per share bid from Frontier Group made in February. The Seventh largest Airline also added that they are excited to talk with the Florida-based airline’s board members and finalized their combination and create an affordable journey fare challenger to the leading carriers in the US. This can result in affordable prices and high-quality service for customers.

Spirit Airlines Talks with JetBlue on its $3.6 Billion BidFrontier Airlines Holdings Inc did not respond to the comment. The Florida-based carrier said that the talks with JetBlue would be in keeping with the new merger agreement with Frontier Airlines Holdings. Frontier Airlines Holdings Inc and seventh-largest carrier in North America, are in a fight for Spirit Airline to buy the largest share of the market and participate in a competition with other carriers. This merger move comes during the time when the pandemic affected the airline industry and they are still working through the surging fuel price and other labor demands to meet the traveling needs.

This deal is yet to be confirmed they can invite scrutiny from the antitrust authorities who have taken a more meticulous view under the new administration. They mainly focus on deal that can reduce the competition and raise prices. The seventh-largest carrier in North America is facing many anti trust lawsuits due to its partnership with the American Airline Group.

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