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Skittles is Bringing Back Green Apple Flavour

Lime Skittles are returning after eight years to the rainbow permanently in Original packs. Both Original and Sour packs of will now feature Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Grape and Lime flavours.

The company first introduced the Five Fruity Flavors in 1979, Lime was the staple green  flavour until it was replaced with Green Apple in 2013. Eight years later Lime Skittles are back permanently, while Green Apple face an uncertain future.

Skittles is Bringing Back Green Apple FlavourOriginal Flavor packs featuring Lime will start appearing on shelves in October 2021 with a national roll-out over the next few months. Skittles says these new packs with the old flavor combo will begin arriving on shelves in October and the full national rollout will be taking place over the next few months. The product may take a while before lime Skittles are back at your neighbourhood retailer.

Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ was pelted with from a few unruly fans back during the road series against the Minnesota Twins. He said that he got hit yesterday with a flying object. It was a Skittle from the left-field stands at Target Field.The limited-edition packs will be available for purchase in 4-ounce Share Size Packs and 15.6-ounce resealable Sharing Size Stand Up Pouches. Although outfitted in almost all-grey packaging, the packs will feature the original five fruity flavors of strawberry, orange, grape, green apple and lemon.

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