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Serious Warning for Apple iPhone Users

Apple yet continues to report record profits. But the owners of the company’s 1.65 billion active iPhones and iPads are facing growing economic risk after using the Apple App Store.And now, the following shock exposure after exposure about the iOS scams with profits which are measured in billions, maybe the most obvious manipulation of iPhone and iPad owners till date has been discovered.

In the latest high-profile exposé of App Store fleece, ware includes casinos, children’s games, and a factory of iOS scam apps. The developer named Kosta Eleftheriou has discovered how the App Store is allowing its real users to be manipulated into these propagating scams, which can easily impact every iPhone and iPad user.

Serious Warning for Apple iPhone UsersThe scam is really easy for any creator to do and is highly effective. When downloaded, the App Store allows scam apps to compulsorily demand a high app rating in order to make the owners use them.Lower ratings cannot be entered as there is no choice to cancel. Only submitting high scores will be allowed to you to continue.

Firstly, Eleftheriou found the scam, which has been going on for at least eight months. The popular creator Guilherme Rambo found that it is based on the unfixed flaws within Apple own code. Therefore, Apple abruptly decided to play Whack-a-mole on cad apps which is not going to cut it.Another big problem is that after commenting on the issue, former Apple Marketing Director Michael Gartenberg exclaimed, “How did this one slip through?” But the court credentials made it all clear in the last month.

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