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Security Issues of Google Assistant What You Need to Know?

The Google Assistant is a compelling piece of software, but the accessibility of this software might come at a cost. According to the latest reports, Google seemingly admitted that the Assistant occasionally listens to people’s conversations even when the ‘Hey Google’ hot word command is not said.

Smart speakers have become immensely popular in recent years. The original Amazon Echo seemed like an extraordinary device when it was first announced in 2014, but since that time, these connected devices have become very common across US households.

Security Issues of Google Assistant What You Need to Know?Either it is the Amazon Echo, Google Assistant speakers, or Apple’s Home Pod lineup, having a speaker that can use Artificial Intelligence to answer any question or command is no longer a weird thing. However, some people are yet doubtful about the privacy feature of such devices.On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, representatives from Google spoke in a statement that although it was not open to the public out there, the sources from the hearing revealed something that might be potentially upsetting.

As per the report, the Google team sometimes confirmed Google Assistant recorded the audio even when a user had not activated the AI by saying the command of Ok Google. Google employees sometimes listen to the audio recordings of users while interacting with the Assistant Speakers for training purposes — even though this is something Google has formerly been very open about.

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