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Sealed Super Mario Bros Copy Sold Worth Millions 

A collectable site stated that an anonymous buyer paid $2 million for a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros after unopened copy of Super Mario 64 went for $1.56 million at auction.

Over the past year, the record for the most cost-intensive video game has been compromised, as the demand for childhood memories remains prominent. Last July, a copy of Super Mario Bros. went for $114,000 at auction. In November, a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 broke that record, selling for $156.000 at auction. That record was broken in April when a copy of went for $660,000 at auction, followed in July by a copy of The Legend of Zelda that went for $870,000.

Sealed Super Mario Bros Copy Sold Worth MillionsWhile most of the records were broken by vintage games that sold at auctions, the $2 million Super Mario Bros. sale went in a different direction. Rally buys games and other collectibles like comic books and turns them into small companies where people can purchase shares which is similar to an investment. If someone makes an offer to buy the collectible, those investors vote whether to sell it.

The Times reported that the rally bought the Super Mario game for $140,000 last April, and shareholders approved the sale to the anonymous collector. According to Heritage Auctions, the top bid was $1.3 million which added a buyer’s premium of 20% to the gavel price to bring the total to $1.56 million.

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