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Promising Acquisition for WellSky Expanding Social Aspects

The health tech company WellSky, Overland Park, recently propositioned the acquisition of Healthify. Healthify is a start-up based on developing connectivity among providers within community-based social services organizations. The acquisition of Healthify will enable WellSky to scale up its social determinants substantially.

Healthify has been invested in addressing the social determinants associated with the health of patients. It has successfully acquired a massive network of community organizations. WellSky has developed a software solution targeting the post-acute care space. The company acknowledges the opportunity to connect a broad range of participants, including providers, payers, states, and community-focused organizations.

Promising Acquisition for WellSky Expanding Social AspectsThe company intends to provide social determinants of health initiatives negating the disparities, according to the executives. Although the company focuses on post-acute care, WellSky has influenced the entire expanse of care settings. This includes acute and post-acute, personal care, ad community-based providers, stated the CEO, Bill Miller.The Kansas-based company is owned by a partnership among two private equity firm giants, TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Partners. Utilizing Healthify’s capabilities, WellSky will be able to establish an enhanced network of providers.

The main aim is to accurately identify social needs and search for efficient social services. WellSky is on a mission to eradicate social barriers within care settings and better coordinate care and the community partners. The acquisition will provide WellSky with a technology offering the company’s clients referrals. Clients will be able to work with states, payers, and health systems without concerns about changing software systems.

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