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Philip Morris International to Stop the Sale of Cigarettes

The chief executive of Philip Morris International, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes abroad, said that his company would stop the sale of cigarettes in the United Kingdom within a decade.

On Sunday, Jacek Olczak, the CEO of the company, told the media that this big step is a part of the company’s goal to be smoke-free and help end the use of traditional cigarettes.Olczak also called out upon the government of the United Kingdom to ban cigarettes within a decade, and he compared them to gas-powered cars, which would also be replaced by 2030.

Philip Morris International to Stop the Sale of CigarettesOlczak further added that they could see the world without cigarettes. And in fact, the earlier it happens, the better it is for every person. Along with the correct guidelines and information, it can happen ten years from now in some of the countries, and the problem can be solved once and forever.Philip Morris International is distinct from Philip Morris USA, which makes Marlboro cigarettes in the United States and is a part of the American tobacco corporation called Altria.

It was divided from Philip Morris USA in the year 2008, and later, it has announced the plans to convert into a smoke-free company, as well as its main purpose to buy British pharmaceutical company Vectura Group, which makes inhalers from asthma patients.Anti-smoking groups and companies in the United Kingdom have criticized the move by accusing the tobacco companies of trying to place themselves as anti-smoking while still selling out cigarettes products, according to The Guardian.

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