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Perseid Meteor Showers Ready to Enlighten the Night Sky

The Perseid Meteor shower is ready to lighten up the skies in mid-August as one of the most significant showers of 2021. The Perseid Meteor shower is likely to reach the highest point right from the middle of the night on August 11 to the crack of dawn on August 13, but, in fact, it goes from July 23 to August 22.

According to NASA, as the crescent moon is likely to set earlier, the skies will be darker, making this sight even more soothing.The statement by NASA further said that stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere are likely to get better chances of witnessing this Meteor shower in comparison with those in the southern hemisphere.

Perseid Meteor Showers Ready to Enlighten the Night SkyAround 40 Meteor will be witnessed per hour to those in the Northern Hemisphere viewing points and are a little away from the polluted regions. However, the chances radically decrease to just a few per hour if one sees it from the city areas. NASA added that people residing around 30 degrees south latitude in the Southern Hemisphere might not be able to witness the sight of a Meteor shower at all, and those over the line in the Southern Hemisphere will be able to detect a few an hour.

According to EarthSky, for the best viewing possibilities, one should adjust their eyes according to the night skies by watching it for at least 20 minutes. As the Meteor come in waves, set your eyes aside at least an hour to get to see the sky. NASA said that the Comet called Comet Swift-Tuttle passes the fragments that take approximately 133 years to revolve around the Sun.

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