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Penn Medicine testing Cholesterol reducing drug to help fight COVID-19

The researchers at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia are trying hard to answer whether a medicine used to control or treat high Cholesterol can help fight COVID-19. Two distinct types of research in the lab discovered that the drug Fenofibrate decreased COVID-19 infection nearly by 70%. Doctors say if this works out in actual patients, it could have a huge impact by offering help in slowing down the spread of the virus and saving lives.

Dr. Julio Chirinos, Cardiologist, and the team lead, is performing tests to check if the medicine Tricor can help patients battle COVID-19. The experiments imply that it stops the virus’s ability to get bonded with the cells and imitate that means it works in the prevention of infection from spreading and getting worse.

Penn Medicine testing Cholesterol reducing drug to help fight COVID-19Chirinos states that the study is quite promising, but it is too early to say anything. He said that if the medicine is highly impactful, it could have a drastic impact. The teams optimistically hope so. He added that they don’t really have the complete information yet. The drug is quite easy to take as it is a widely available and cheap oral medication used to reduce fatty acids and Cholesterol in the blood.

Chirinos says efforts taken to promote vaccination must go on, but it is also necessary to find a cure to treat the diseases. He said that they must have a strategy in case some of the virus strains of the virus become immune to the existing vaccine; it is possible that the situation might happen in the future. The research team is hoping to get positive results from the trial in the coming months. Before that, they’re trying to sign up around 700 people at multiple sites across the globe.

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