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New iPhone SE 3 Coming Soon in Early 2022

Sources from the supply chain are reportedly expecting to launch the new iPhone SE within the first half of 2022.Supporting up the recent claims, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, says that Apple plans to launch an updated version of the entry-level iPhone. iPhone SE was one of the initially introduced series of iPhones. This is going to be priced at a lower rate than the newly introduced iPhone 12 and 13.

A new report has said that orders for the phone will create a new business of chip probing specialists. Chip probing is a part of the quality testing process, and the sources of publication say that the work will be completed by Xintec.

New iPhone SE 3 Coming Soon in Early 2022Xintec is a subsidiary of the chip manufacturer of Apple, TSMC. It is a supplier for elements for the original iPhone SE as well as the newer model.Digitimes has a more extraordinary reputation for the information provided by its sources. However, it has a poor record that makes up for that information.

Nevertheless, the timeframe of the first half of the year 2022 does fit with the estimates given by Ming-Chi Kuo. He also expects that the newer updates of the iPhone SE will remain of the same size, but it will be complemented by 5G and a newer A-series processor.Kuo further foresees the new iPhone SE to be the cheapest iPhone ever made along with 5G. However, Apple has been trying to offer its services to people at lower prices so that everyone can easily afford to avail the updated versions of iPhones.

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