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Netflix plans to Offer Video Games on its Platform

As per the trusted sources of information, the online streaming giant, Netflix is likely to be a gaming Platform over the coming years, along with streaming the TV shows and movies over it. As stated by the trusted sources of information, the company has hired Mike Verdu, who has been a EA executive as well as former Oculus, as well as the vice president of game development.

He has been the VP of virtual as well as augmented reality games along with the content on Facebook, in which he also worked with the developers who developed Quest and Go and Oculus Rift. He also headed the EA mobile and oversaw the studios that had handled the operations of star wars, Sims free play, and others.

Netflix plans to Offer Video Games on its PlatformThe company is likely to build their own gaming team over the next few months which will enable them to begin offering games for the streaming giant from the year 2022. The company is not completely inexperienced in gaming Platform as it previously developed games before t coukd go on to streaming shows and movies. However, they were available on applications on the phones. As per the data from Bloomberg, the company is now planning to add a section under their movies and TV shows streaming which will allow the users to play games.

Further, as per the reports, the company does not plan to charge anything extra to the users to allow them to play games. However, we are not yet sure that if the additional features on the Platform will lead to a hike in the prices over the coming years.

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