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More than 700 Flights were Canceled Sunday

According to the flight-tracking website FlightAware, at least 730 flights were Canceled Sunday night throughout the US. At least 224 flights were Canceled Sunday by Delta Air Lines alone. American Airlines cancelled 66 flights, while United Airlines cancelled 71.

The three airlines have been contacted by CNN for comments on flight cancellations. A representative for Delta Air Lines stated, “Delta teams continue to safely manage through compounding variables affecting our operation this weekend, including higher-than-planned unplanned absences in several of our work groups, weather, and air traffic control restrictions.” We constantly try to avoid canceling flights, and we sincerely regret to our customers if this results in a disruption of their travel arrangements.

More than 700 Flights were Canceled SundayOn Saturday, United Airlines cancelled 56 flights, and on Sunday, 70 flights. On Thursday, United Airlines announced that it will reduce the number of daily domestic flights from its bustling Newark hub by 12 percent. About 50 daily flights will be cancelled beginning in July. On Saturday, 634 flights were cancelled, according to FlightAware.

10% of all flights were Canceled Sunday at Baltimore/Washington International Airport, which serves as a hub for Southwest. A little over 4% of departures from LaGuardia Airport were also canceled. According to the American Automobile Association, 3.5 million Americans are anticipated to fly during the next holiday weekend, one of the busiest of the year. A record 42 million Americans are anticipated to travel by car for the Fourth of July, according to the nonprofit organization, in part due to the recent upheaval at airports. This is despite the fact that petrol prices are skyrocketing.

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