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More People Vulnerable to Covid amidst Vaccine Shortage

U.S doctor says vaccines are working against Covid, but people are Vulnerable as many of them are not getting the Covid shots. William Schaffner, while addressing the media said, keeping the vaccines in the refrigerator would not work, but moving them into the arms is necessary.

According to the data collected by an online scientific publication called Our World In Data, around 22.6% of the world population has got at least the first dose of vaccine.However, among the recipients, most of them are from high-income classes, rich countries in Western Europe and North America.

More People Vulnerable to Covid amidst Vaccine ShortageLow-income countries have registered less than 1% of at least the first dose of vaccine. It is not yet clear how many people may need Covid-19 booster shots in the coming days. A group of CDC scientists said that currently, no sufficient data is supporting the need and efficacy of covid-19 booster shots. According to the scientists, the more Vulnerable groups, including the older population and transplant recipients, may require the booster dose.

However, the need for the extra dose would depend on two things, the duration of the effect of the current doses and the other is, the vaccine doses will be required if any new variant is much stronger found to evade the effects of the vaccine. The scientists say the virus has mutated a lot of times since the pandemic started. According to scientists, the Delta variant is a major threat to vaccine effectiveness.

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