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Microledon Farm’s Organic Microgreen Farming

Microgreens have provided an artistic experience to the customers. Chefs love microgreens, and use them for garnishing in salads, soups and other dishes as they add rich textures, and colours to different dishes. Microgreens were only used to add visual experience by fancy, and high-end restaurants however, microgreens are now considered to have many benefits.

Microgreens are not only flavourful but also nutritionally rich. Microledon Farms, with its microgreens farm located in Conway is owned by Oscar, and Michele Chavez. In the last two years, Microledon business has expanded to over 20 restaurants besides their individual customers. With the physical store present at Conway, they also deliver to their commercial as well as residential customers through several days of the week. After his brief experience in marketing, Oscar turned to pursue his passion in farming, and agriculture. However, acreage being a major problem he realised that growing large crops on a small-scale was not a feasible choice. Instead, Oscar decided to grow small vegetables on a large scale.

Microledon Farm’s Organic Microgreen FarmingMicro farming was a perfect choice for the family as it adhered to their organic lifestyle preferences, and environmental concern. The microgreen farm shows constant effort to reduce any carbon footprint throughout farming chores.

Microgreens have leveraged their nutritional properties transitioning from simply ornamental to healthy ingredients. The extensive flavour provided by them can be attributed to the harvesting techniques. The microgreens are cut just above the soil after germination during which the seed leaves are entirely developed.

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