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Michigan Health Officials Report 510 New Cases

Michigan Health Officials have confirmed 510 more cases of coronavirus and added 57 related deaths. Michigan has counted 889,511 total confirmed cases of the virus since it was first detected here nearly 15 months ago and 19,266 related deaths

Michigan Health Officials discovered 62 deaths associated with COVID-19. But because of corrections to data, the total tally increased by 57. On Wednesday, labs tested 21,955 samples for the virus and 528 were positive, which is 2.4%. The number of positive tests is not the same as the number of new cases because people may be tested more than once.

Michigan Health Officials Report 510 New CasesThe testing numbers are from a single calendar date, while the number of new cases lists the increase since the last time the state compiled the data; these two time frames do not match up precisely. Kent County’s death total rose by two to 779 and it confirmed 40 more cases for a total of 68,177. The statewide seven-day average of the positive test rate has reached 4.2%, the lowest it has been since March 5.

Three West Michigan Health Officials revised the county’s death totals which were down by one. This has not been uncommon as cases are double-checked and sometimes moved between counties. Kalamazoo County now has a total of 356 deaths and 20,129 cases. Montcalm County now has 110 deaths and 5,446 cases. St. Joseph County now has 93 cases and 5,471 cases.The death rate, the last metric to show trend changes, has been on a steady decline for weeks and dropped 32% last week from the week previous. It is now lower than it has been since late March.

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