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Michigan Health Authorities Report new Coronavirus Cases

Michigan is now below a 3% positivity rate as a seven-day average on coronavirus diagnostic tests.The seven-day average of new cases is the lowest since early July.The seven-day average is now 2.7%The seven-day positivity rate on coronavirus diagnostic tests was 4.1% a week ago. In Saturday’s report. 2.2% of coronavirus test results reported on Friday were positive.

Michigan had 846 adult patients and 30 pediatric patients hospitalized with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 on Thursday, June 3. That includes 259 patients in the ICU. The state is averaging 27 deaths a day that compares to a seven-day daily average of 32 deaths a week ago. A total of 192 deaths were reported in the last seven days, and 30 were people under age 60. Nearly 59.4% of adults have received at least one dose

Michigan Health Authorities Report new Coronavirus CasesAs of Friday, June 4, a total of 4,808,167 residents have gotten at least one dose of vaccine, and 4,254,374 are fully vaccinated. That’s 49.1% and 42.6% of the total population respectively. The 59.4% is for ages 16 and older.

The state has not updated the other vaccination numbers since Wednesday. Here’s where they stood as of the June 2 report, with a breakdown by age group of Michigan residents who have gotten at least one dose of vaccine and those who are fully immunized.In assigning the risk scores, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services looks at factors such as new cases and deaths per capita, test positivity rates, number of tests administered and emergency department visits for COVID-19 symptoms. The scale used by MDHHS has six levels low plus Levels A-E.

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