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J&J Vaccine Effective Against Delta Variant

Johnson & Johnson said late on Thursday that their primary data shows that a single shot of their Vaccine is very much effective against the Delta Variant of Covid-19 that is spreading quickly globally. The first cases were reported in India.

In a statement, the company based in New Jersey said that its Vaccine had produced a protected response against the delta variant that continued to last for at least eight months.

Johnson & Johnson added up by saying that its Vaccine has caused more activity of the antibodies against the Delta variant than it did against the Beta variant, which was first located in South Africa, though the dose tends to have worked against all the so-called “variants of concern” of the deadly coronavirus.The company said that the data has come from two brief sub-studies that were the branches of its trial for the original Vaccine.Both the studies, which observed the blood of the  receivers, had been given in to for publication.

A separate study was published in the journal called Nature, which suggested that Moderna and Pfizer’s mRNA Vaccine could also provide insistent protection against Covid-19 for years.Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director, CDC, said all vaccinated populations who have taken two shots are pretty safe from the recent variant outbreak in the US. He further suggested lenient mask-wearing norms for vaccinated people.

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