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Is Snapchat Available in Dark Mode?

As far as social media apps are concerned, most of the popular apps are in native Dark Mode. Within the last few years, there are still pretty few apps that haven’t provided this feature yet.

For example, Snapchat doesn’t yet provide dark mode. But that will be changed soon. The social media platform has lately launched a dark mode roll-out on iOS, and its Android app is all set to accept similar functionality very soon.In the past several days, several iOS Snapchat users reported that a new appearance of the app is being displayed by going into the app settings and changing.

Is Snapchat Available in Dark Mode?In this section, there are three options to automatically match the app’s theme to the iOS system theme and leaving light mode on by default or selecting a new dark mode as a default option. This setting is not valid for the Android version of the app, though, but XDA Recognized Developer Quiney 899, has reported that one can use the Preferences Manager app to enable dark themes under development.

One must keep in mind that the Dark Mode is still an ongoing task, so they may notice some variations. For example, some screens have a default gray text on a black-colored background, and some parts have not yet been themed.Also, this can be noted that the Preferences Manager app requires root access, so the workaround only works on rooted devices. This feature is already made available to various iOS users. So, it should not be taking very long before it is rolled out to Android users.

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