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iOS 15 Enables New Feature in Apple’s Siri

iOS 14.5 was released to the public earlier this year, has brought up an important new feature that allows the users to unlock an iPhone using the Apple Watch instead of a Face ID while wearing a mask.With iOS 15, Apple is intensifying the feature by allowing personal requests to Siri when the “Unlock with Apple Watch” option is turned on.

The “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature is intended for users of iPhone models with Face IDs who are not able to unlock the device while they are wearing a face mask.However, iOS 14 only uses this very option when the user tries to unlock the device, and the TrueDepth camera detects a mask.

iOS 15 Enables New Feature in Apple’s SiriNow with iOS 15, which was announced earlier this week at WWDC 2021, Apple is also using this similar feature to allow personal requests for Siri as well without any requirements of Face ID or password verification.In previous versions of iOS models, one needs to confirm or verify when it is asked to Siri to do things like changing the phone settings, but now this would no longer be essential if one is having an Apple Watch.

There is a new message explaining that the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature can now work with Siri for personal requests under the Face ID and Passcode menu in the Settings app.iOS 15 is now available as a beta edition release for designers, and a public beta version will be made available in July. The official release, however, is coming this autumn.

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