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Intel in talks with GlobalFoundries for aquisition

As per the trusted sources of information, the Intel Corp. is looking forward a deal to buy the company named GlobalFoundries Inc. The contract is with an intention to turbocharge the company’s plans to develop more chips for the other tech organizations and to rate this acquisition as one of the greatest ever.

As per the trusted sources of information, the deal is likely to evaluate the company at USD 30 billion, as stated by the people related to the matter. It is not a fixed deal that one will come together and the company GlobalFoundries will go forward with its plan of bringing initial public offering to the market. GlobalFoundries is a company owned by an Abu Dhabi based investment firm called as Mubadala investment Co., which is based in the United States.

Intel in talks with GlobalFoundries for acquisitionThere is no sign of including GlobalFoundries itself as the spokeperson for the company as they said that they aren’t in discussions with Intel. In the month of March, the new CEO of Intel, Pat gelsinger stated that the company would make an announcement regarding the major push to become the chip manufacturers for others, as it is a market that is dominated by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Intel has a market valuation of USD 5 billion and in this year, it has made over USD 20 billion investments to increase the chip making facilities in the US. The company GlobalFoundries is one of the chip production giant and was launched when the rival of Intel AMD, decided to advance its chip production operations.

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