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Indoor Restaurants and Bars Imposes Vaccine Mandates

Health Officers in Clallam and Jefferson counties require proof of COVID 19 vaccination to enter bars and Restaurants in the region.The vaccine mandate commenced on Saturday, for anyone entering any indoor bar or Restaurants in Clallam or Jefferson counties says, Dr Allison Berry.

It is required to carry acceptable forms of proof of vaccination that includes a completed CDC vaccination card, a State Department of Health Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination, a printed copy of a State Department of Health vaccine record, a photograph of any of those documents, or an app-based vaccine passport.

Indoor Restaurants and Bars Imposes Vaccine MandatesThis order requires a person to be fully vaccinated when they enter Restaurants and bars. It is necessary to receive all the required doses of a vaccine for COVID-19 and 14 days have passed since the final dose. For the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, two doses are required. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine requires only one.Berry also added that employees of bars and Restaurants who mask continuously while in the building do not need to provide proof of vaccination. Additionally, children younger than 12, who are ineligible for vaccination, may enter without showing proof.

Berry also added that this is a more effective way of controlling the spread of the virus than issuing capacity restrictions like last year, and meets her goals of keeping businesses open.The mandate comes as stats show in Washington State, 94% of those who have been hospitalized and 92% of those who have died due to COVID-19 were unvaccinated. Berry says hospitals in the region are now at a breaking point due to the high COVID case rates.

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