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IBM Decided to Fire Unvaccinated Employees

IBM and American Airlines have warned their unvaccinated employees will be placed on unpaid suspension. The company has given time for employees until December 8. The carrier has given time till November 24.The carrier explained that the mandate is due to the mandate forced by the government to get fully vaxxed by December 8. IBM also added that their decision is influenced by the government’s order.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom sent a letter to the employees explaining that the federal vaccine mandate that all American Employees and certain international crew members must be vaccinated without forcing the company to test regularly. The letter also added that the employees who decide not to get jabbed are prone to losing their job.

IBM Decided to Fire Unvaccinated EmployeesBefore the mandate was forced by the government Parker said that he was in favour of offering incentives to vaccinated employees, but they are not putting mandates in place. A spokesperson for American Airlines said the company provided an update Wednesday to let all employees know the deadline for being fully vaccinated is Nov. 24.

IBM confirmed that the company sent an internal memo on Thursday informing its employees that if they are not fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, they will be placed on an unpaid leave of absence on Dec. 9. The company will offer medical and religious exemptions to the policy, which otherwise applies to all IBM U.S. employees regardless of where they work and how often they come into an IBM office.

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