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Humans are Using Tobacco at least 12,000 Years Ago

Charred seeds were found in an ancient hearth used by hunter-gatherers. Utah suggests that humans used Tobacco more than 12,000 years ago or at least 9,000 years earlier than previously documented and well before agriculture took root in the Americas.The Tobacco plant has shaped the fortunes of humanity. Today, the substance is used and abused by a billion people around the world. The new research shows that it is a habit that dates back to the Stone Age.

The study noted that Tobacco arguably has had more impact on global patterns in history than any other psychoactive substance, but how deep its cultural ties extend has been widely debated. Daron Duke, principal and COO at Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc said that the hearth at the Wishbone site in the Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah was discovered in 2015 during a routine archaeological survey.

Humans are Using Tobacco at least 12,000 Years AgoDuke, the lead author of a study on the Tobacco find that was published Monday in the journal Nature Human Behaviour said that it was A little black smudge on the open mudflats of the Great Salt Lake Desert.Duke and his colleagues excavated the site, which was surrounded by stone artefacts and bones some had been exposed by the wind.

The team’s botanist noticed the seeds once they were back in the lab. They were too small to date directly, but dates from three samples of carbon from the hearth indicated that Stone Age humans lit the fire approximately 12,300 years ago.

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