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Google Chat Get New Search Features

Google Chat is picking up the improved search. Starting on Android, the experience is adding filters to help you find artifacts like files and links more easily. Upon tapping the search icon in the dedicated Chat app or the field Gmail, you’ll see the refreshed UI that provides a more balanced view of search results.

You can look for attachments like Documents, Slides, Sheets, Images, PDFS, or Videos and specify a specific date range or older than a week/month/etc. The last two options are a link and Mention me.Lastly, results now also include the content of messages, thus making it even easier to find the exact content you’re looking for.  Improved Google Chat search is available now on Android; make sure you’ve updated to the latest Gmail or Chat app.

Google Chat Get New Search FeaturesGoogle will first make this feature available on Android, which will be followed by iOS and Web by the end of July 2021. Enabling this search in Google Chat will not require any admin control. Also, there will be no end-user setting for this feature. Search support in Chat will be available to all Google Workspace users and personal accounts.

Google announced that the RCS chat which is sent through the Messages app will now be end-to-end encrypted. The company rolled out the feature in beta last year in November and is now releasing it for all users. The company claims that end-to-end encryption in Messages will keep your conversations more secure while sending. It ensures that no one can read the content of your messages as they travel between your phone and the phone of the person you’re messaging.

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