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FTC files fresh antitrust complaint seeking to break up Facebook

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit in federal court against Facebook on Thursday August 19, 2021, in order to break up stating the company dominated social media and is trying to sabotage the competition.

The latest comes arrives approximately two months after the federal judge pitched out the original complaint, saying that the FTC had not submitted enough evidence that Facebook holds dominance in the social media to permit allowing the case to continue.

FTC files fresh antitrust complaint seeking to break up FacebookThe latest complain that is more than 50% longer as compared to the original one, the FTC includes many of the similar arguments. The FTC continues accusing Facebook of breaking the law by getting into anticompetitive acquisitions, most evidently the one with WhatsApp and Instagram and repudiated third-party apps access to its own platform in anticompetitive manner tweeted on Thursday saying that they are reviewing the FTC’s revised complaint and soon will get ready to say more on the matter. In the further statement the company acknowledged the lawsuit as meritless.

Facebook said that there was no proper evidence saying that says Facebook was a monopolist. The company’s acquisitions WhatsApp and Instagram were revised and cleared many years ago, and all of policies were lawful. The FTC’s claims are an attempt to refile antitrust laws and upset established expectations of merger review, announcing to the business community that no deal is ever last. added that they take efforts to gain people’s trust and time every day and will continue to do so in future as well.The court deadline for to answer is Oct. 4.

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