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Ford Market Cap Blows by $100B on Electric Vehicle plans

Ford stock continued to rise today, making the share reach a 20-year high. The company’s $100 billion market cap on big hopes for the all-electric F-150 Lightning plans to lead the industry in battery production capacity by 2025.

The company posted a 140% return in 2021. Blue oval stock rose 4% today to just over $25 per share, matching a 20-plus-year high as the excitement grows about the company’s electric vehicle road map. This looks like insatiable market demand for the new F-150 Lightning pickup that means the truck is basically “sold out forever.”

Ford Market Cap Blows by $100B on Electric Vehicle plansFord Mustang Mach-E is in high demand, as are the tough-looking Bronco and affordable, high-MPG Maverick hybrid pickup. The all-electric e-Transit commercial van has found an audience, leading several Wall Street analysts to believe more upside ahead.Mike Ward, the benchmark analyst, said that Ford product line-up is the best in decades. The North America, Europe, and China markets are positioned to propel over the next few years. Ford is set to generate record levels of profitability.

The demand for electric vehicles seems to be there for the near term. The company continues to focus on the batteries to power those EVs. The automaker is focused on spending the next two years pushing up its global capacity to manufacture batteries for 600,000 BEVs. If Ford PR is to be believed, the blue oval will have the biggest battery manufacturing capacity in the US by 2025.

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