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Federal Speech Rules about Safety Issues creating Conflicts

As per the trusted sources of information, Karen Jo Young, an activities coordinator at a hospital, noted down a letter for the local newspaper in which she is criticizing the staff of the hospitals in which she worked talking about their actions which had caused staffing shortages as well as other problems related to patient’s safety.

As per the trusted sources of information, just after a few hours of the letter being published, the hospital staff at maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth fired her from the job under the policy that no employees are allowed to give information to the media without there is any direct involvement of the media office.

Federal Speech Rules about Safety Issues creating ConflictsBut in the recent times, a federal appellate court stated that Young’s firing breached the law and asked the hospital to reinstate her. The decision by the court could mean that the hospital as well as the other employees will have to rebuild their policies in which they will stop the workers from talking to the news media and posting about it on social media.

These policies over the media have been a point of conflict in the hospitals over the previous year, as there have been several cases in which the hospitals, nurses and physicians have been fired for speaking publically or even posting about how dangerously inadequate the COVID-19 precautions have been taken in these places. These fights between the authority and staff of the hospitals are a reflection of the tension among them as well as the large companies.

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