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E-cigarette Ban Remains on Hold

While the government reopens its investigation into Juul’s E-cigarette, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the business have agreed to put an end to their legal dispute. The FDA temporarily halted its order prohibiting the sale of Juul’s products the day before the court case accord. Now, Juul may resume selling its electronic cigarettes. According to the FDA, Juul’s application deserved “further consideration.”

The most popular E-cigarette in the United States are made by Juul. Companies like Juul are required by the FDA to demonstrate that adults who use their E-cigarette are likely to give up or cut back on smoking and that minors are not likely to become addicted to them. The FDA ordered Juul to stop selling its products on June 23. A day later, a federal appeals court decided in Juul’s favour, temporarily overturning the government’s ban.

E-cigarette Ban Remains on HoldInitially, the FDA said that authorities had serious concerns about Juul’s application, including concerns about the chemical composition of its vaping formulations. Juul said that it provided sufficient data and information to resolve every problem mentioned. Juul will have 30 days to request another stay if the FDA ultimately decides to reinstate its ban, according to the document.

The FDA stated that the applications “lacked adequate information” about the toxicological profile of the items to show that marketing them would be suitable for the protection of public health after reviewing scientific and public health data provided by the firm for over two years. Juul and other E-cigarette companies including British American Tobacco Plc’s Vuse and Imperial Brands Plc’s Blu have to submit applications to the FDA by the deadline of September 2020 demonstrating that their products had a net positive impact on public health.

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