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Droughts Destroying Empty Wells in Minnesota

Several parts of Minnesota experienced pinching heat for months and eagerly waited for the rains over the weekend. But it was not just enough to break down the constant drought chains in the US.

The arid conditions also threaten some of the private water wells that depend on the rains to recharge.In severe cases, the shallow wells go out of water. A hydrologist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Ellen Considine, said that at this time, there are households in Minnesota that are completely dependent on bottled water as there is no water supply in the area owing to prolonged drought and dry water bodies.

Droughts Destroying Empty Wells in MinnesotaPeople all across the state depend upon the groundwater for irrigation, municipal water supplies, and the working of household wells.Nathan Kestner works for the DNR in northwest Minnesota, where the drought is in the extreme range. ALso, he mentioned that people tend to need more water when they are in such a situation of drought.In other words, it is hard to do an excellent job in conserving water when people are in need of it the most.

Kestner also said that there is still a good water supply underground, but it may be falling out of reach for the shallow wells.Considine said that the DNR is getting many domestic calls and complaints about water shortages in the northwest.The agency has recorded 27 low water or out-of-water calls up to now in the year 2021, compared to 8 in the year 2020.

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