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Dozens of Fraudsters Grabbed for COVID-19 Tests Scam in

As per the credible reports, the Justice Department in Washington declared criminal charges against the people from Florida and California due to the series of Medicare scams performed by them.

There are around a Dozens of people who exploited the fear of ongoing COVID-19 infection amidst the pandemic and billed tens of millions of dollars in the fake claims that would scam innocent people countrywide. One of the most common frauds that the fraudsters have been following is that they offer the test of COVID-19 to get hold of the Medicare numbers of the unsuspecting people around the region, and then that information is passed on across various places. This has led to humongous bills as several irrelevant tests have also been prescribed to patients.

Dozens of Fraudsters Grabbed for COVID-19 Tests Scam in WashingtonChris Schrank, currently associated with DHHS (Dept. of Health and Human Services), stated that they have been watching these schemes and frauds growing profusely.He further added that in such times of the pandemic, when all the people have come together to fight the pandemic, there are a few individuals who choose to steal from programs valuable to the people who are in desperate need.

This scam was happening at a time when there was a high demand for COVID-19 tests among individuals in the early stages of the pandemic.The scam artists took advantage of the various relief schemes by the government for the betterment of the people and healthcare professionals.

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