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Decentralized Blockchain Networks are about to Disrupt Talent Markets

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DEFINITY, etc. are incessant media buzzwords that are decentralized networks in media. Behind the whirlpool, however, several tangible applications are being built utilizing distributed ledger technology, such as the “Blockchain,” which is anticipated to unleash new markets and operational methods.

Internet behemoths like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are central aggregation platforms that offer products and services through their target marketing, collect, own, analyze, and monetize information from consumers. Its size and marginal costs close to $0 enable it to provide its platform services as far as the world can go.

Decentralized Blockchain Networks are about to Disrupt Talent MarketsColossal and increasing central repositories of data offer them an asymmetrical advantage by making use of “winner-all” benefits and the near-monopolistic capacity to generate superlative profits.The majority of aggregator-distributor platforms obtain free user data that they make use of attractively and exclusively. They provide egalitarian experiences worldwide, leading to an exponential network impact in consumer/user acquisition.Aggregators and distributors squeezed much of the funding between upstream suppliers and downstream consumers/users in the internet’s existing centralized consumer value chain. For Q1, 2021, $8.1 billion were recorded in the proceeds from Amazon, $17.9 trillion from Google, $9.5 trillion from Facebook, and $68 million from Twitter.

New Blockchain and crypto-technology facilitate the decentralized networking of P2P data to eliminate a central control requirement and decrease the value of aggregator-distributor platforms.These decentralized networks provide new business models for P2P upstream content/data makers and downstream content/data users by spreading more revenues that the centralized aggregators/distributors presently dominate.

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