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China’s Mars Rover Zhurong Mission Extended 

Three rovers are now active on Mars’ surface: NASA’s Perseverance and Curiosity rovers, as well as China’s Zhurong rover was designed to spend 90 days exploring Mars. After landing on May 14, the rover rolled onto the surface for the first time on May 22, and the 90-day mission term ended on August 15.

However, because the rover is still operational and functioning, China’s National Space Administration said on Friday, August 20, that the rover’s mission would be continued.The rover is also technically sound and wholly charged, so it’s ready to undertake further science.

China's Mars Rover Zhurong Mission ExtendedThe charging is a worry because Zhurong is solar-powered, unlike NASA’s two nuclear-powered rovers. As a result, is reliant on the meager sunlight that reaches Mars to create energy, though it may assist enhance its output by orienting its solar panels toward the sun. Zhurong has taken photos of the Martian surface and taken a selfie there since its arrival. While exploring the Utopia Planitia area where it landed, it also rolled past its parachute and back shell.

Zhurong mission includes looking for ice beneath the Martian surface and examining Martian rocks for evidence about the history of water on Mars. Liu Jianjun, the mission’s lead designer, stated that the data gathered could provide answers to these unanswered concerns. Hopefully, we may gain a better knowledge of Mars’ geology by delivering these data to our experts and then see if we can locate evidence of an ancient ocean in Utopia Planitia.

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