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CellCarta’s Biomarker Capabilities for Clinical Trials expands by adding of Olink technology to its Worldwide Offerings

As part of a collaborative partnership, CellCarta’s and Olink Proteomics AB will provide Olink® Target 48 & 96 to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, improving the measurement of targeted protein biomarkers in clinical trials. The business has amassed more than 20 years of mass spectrometry experience.

CellCarta’s becomes the first worldwide clinical research organization to provide the technology after purchasing the first Olink® Signature Q100 equipment and collaborating with Olink. Adding Olink’s Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology to our mass spectrometry systems will allow us to provide our clients with full proteome services for their clinical investigations.

CellCarta's Biomarker Capabilities for Clinical Trials expands by adding of Olink technology to its Worldwide OfferingsThe multi-omic analysis is becoming increasingly popular in the translational medicine community, and we expect Olink to be integrated with our other platforms (immune surveillance, histopathology, and genomics) in order to generate extra value for our clients.” stated Nick Wright, CellCarta’s President.With a low clinical sample quantity, the Olink platform delivers a novel high multiplex technique that has exceptional sensitivity and specificity, while yet covering a wide dynamic range. By eliminating cross-reactivity binding or interference during signal readout, Olink’s PEA technology delivers high specificity when used with Olink’s dual recognition approach that employs matching antibodies that are tagged with complementary DNA oligos.

There is a need for a strong technique to enhance clinical proteomics, which is essential in fields such as immuno-oncology where biomarkers are scarce. By joining up with Q100, CellCarta’s will be able to meet the demand for proteomic biomarkers for clinical trials and assist multi-omics analysis with its CellEngine software by integrating the Q100 platform into their CAP.

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