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California Proposes Appealing Vaccine Jackpots

California is extensively focusing on elevating the otherwise plateauing vaccination rate by issuing trending cash prizes for vaccinated individuals with a view of instigating a massive number of populations to get vaccinated. On Thursday, May 27, Governor Gavin Newsome made an announcement revealing the nation’s largest vaccine prize money of $ 116.5 million, appealing to a population of millions to get vaccinated prior to the state’s opening in, coming month.

According to Newsom, such an extent of initiatives is put forth in order to incentivize and gain momentum. The vaccination jackpot offers $ 1.5 million individually to ten vaccinated residents twelve years and above and prize money worth $50,000 apiece to more than 30 individuals on June 4 and June 11. The criteria consider candidates to be eligible only if they have received a shot of vaccination if one, not both.

California Proposes Appealing Vaccine JackpotsIn addition to these initiatives, the state has also started offering $ 50 grocery or prepaid gift cards to another 2 million California who begin and complete the vaccination cycle from Thursday. Sacramento Bee stated that in the last week alone, 1.9 million got vaccinated, whereas the data established by the California COVID website observes more than half of the state’s total residents to have received at least one dose.

The director of the California department of public health, Dr. Tomas J. Aragon, has addressed the concerns of the public regarding the vaccine and its orientation.He also comforted the notion of various presumed implications associated with the vaccine and explained the design of this program aimed to encourage and support as many residents of the state as possible.

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