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Biorbyt’s Life Science Services Generates International Recognition and Queen’s Award

Biorbyt’s, a global success story, just brought a new thread into its sphere – the design and development of AI-friendly websites for existing and new clients – with its now branding the Queen’s Award for International Trade.

A supplier of key goods for laboratories in the sector, the biotech firm headquartered on Cowley Road offers an array of antibodies, proteins, and molecular tools alongside several specialized products that are not easily available from major providers. The company’s success has been amplified by the combination of its own global resources with strategic alliances in today’s £3 million yearly sales operation. Biorbyt’s was founded by Tillmann Ziegert and Qun Yang in 2011. Biorbyt’s presently has a St. Louis office and Germany’s largest dealer, 13 Cambridge staff and 14 Wuhan staff.

Biorbyt's Life Science Services Generates International Recognition and Queen's AwardThe foundation of Tillman’s firm was when he went to Abcam, Cambridge, where he was a sales and marketing manager.”I went to Southampton in 1999 to study biochemistry for my PhD,” he said about his visit from Germany to the UK. “I met Qun there too.” I met him. Abcam’s invitation to join the global marketing team was extremely excellent for me.

It’s a wonderful firm, and I had many ideas for a larger service, so together with a chain of items, we’ve built highly effective e-commerce and IT platform and our own products in the Wuhan laboratory.”The product range of Biorbyt’s is widespread and increasing.”The major business for us is primary and secondary antibodies,” said Tillmann. “And the narrow spectrum of compounds we sell in bulk plus reagents like proteins and Elisa kits for blood antimicrobial testing.”

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