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Apple Threatens Chinese Leaker for Data Compromise

Technological giant Apple wrote a letter to the person living in China demanding him to stop advertising the leaked and stolen iPhone prototypes.There have been two main reasons given by the company asking for the practice to be stopped immediately. The leak would take away all the excitement of the new iPhones by leaking the surprises that the company was looking forward to sharing themselves.

When the company plans to launch the phone, they won’t be able to reveal the surprises as the public won’t be surprised due to the leakage of information, the letter stated.The company also added that such surprises with the new iPhone are a part of its DNA.

Apple Threatens Chinese Leaker for Data CompromiseFurther, one more reason that Apple states for demanding to stop the leaks of prototype iPhone models are that the third-party manufacturers of the accessories and devices are likely to develop and sell the phone cases. These accessories are not in alignment or are not suitable for the unreleased products by the company.

However, if the wrongly fitting cases of other accessories of the company are going down, there is a high chance that Apple own accessories’ sales is going to increase.The letter by the Chinese law firm on behalf of Apple says that these type of situations are the reasons which is likely to decline the interest of consumers in the Apple products.

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