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American Airlines Cancels 250 More Flights

American Airlines has cancelled another 250 flights on Monday, continuing a days-long chain reaction of cancellations that started last week. The carrier said that nearly 1,058 flights are cancelled on Sunday or roughly one in every five of its originally scheduled flights.

That was on top of the 548 flights it cancelled on Saturday and 343 flights on Friday. Nearly about 10% of its mainline flights have been cancelled over the four days. The cancelled flights have stranded tens of thousands of passengers.In a memo, American COO David Seymour said the airline is proactively cancelling flights to provide scheduling certainty for our crews after high winds and bad weather hit major hubs including Dallas-Fort Worth on Thursday, leaving flight crews out of position.

American Airlines Cancels 250 More FlightsAmerican Airlines insists help is on the way. Starting Monday, the airline says 1,800 flight attendants are returning from pandemic time-off. Three weeks ago, Southwest Airlines cancelled more than 2,000 flights over several days citing weather and air traffic control issues. That meltdown cost the airline $75 million, it reported recently.

When the Covid-19 pandemic brought air travel to a near halt in 2020, airlines offered staff buyouts, early retirement packages and unpaid leave to cut costs and survive the downturn. Now all the airlines are scrambling to hire employees and bring back as much staff as possible.

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